Hello Sweet ’16

When a man says yeah, even his chi says yes .

~Chinua Achebe

There are forces that bind molecules together, and one of them is called Van der Waal, after the scientist who discovered it. I have been thinking, and when I do, the mediocrity that tends to wall me in from attaining my goals gets shattered like a Van der Waal force would.

So when I do think, it is a dangerous thing. The walls are weak just like der Waal.

Ah, 2016 an amazing year in the offen for me is also a pivotal year to the making, the birth and the rise of an 100 year company that is not a 100yrs old.

Yet, I have also come to realize that I have a big say in what I make of it. I have been learning from chances, and now I think I know her better. She doesn’t make the choice on her own, but with my permissiveness, she does whatever it is that she does.

This is why I won’t be leaving anything to chance, I wont give an inch or negotiate one point off what I want from this sweet ’16. I have to develop the mindset that it must be shaped to my desire by all means possible.

I am not God that has everything pat but by all means possible, I have heard from the Lord, and this is what He says “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

So I wish you a wonderful 2016, don’t give an inch, hold on tight and never let go your desires, goals and dreams. Your Chi says yes.

I am betting on me this early, are you?



Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not being seen.

~Hebrews 11:1

When we started out, in our days of nothing being greater than all the something we had all together, we needed a push. We searched in unlikely places and the most obviously innocuous spaces, yet we came up empty.

There is always a searching; even back then that defined us. We longed for the things we couldn’t have back then. The office in Times Square, the global impact, the international staff and an instantly recognizable brand and the works were things we filled our mind with.

Most times, dreams they say is an inferno the mind needs to always create a solution. Alas, how wrong all that was in our own case. More than invigorating us always, it depressed us majorly when we saw the emptiness of where we are contrasted by the vividness of the fullness of where we would rather be.

There was no bridge, no effort that seem to amount to much. How will we ever build the 100-storey masterpiece beside the UN head office, when even the office in our head was mercilessly in pieces? Tatters! I tell thee.

And then came our booster on a cold rainy night, such nights that depression looms in the air more than inspiration. A strain of thought came, insistent, persistent and bold in the face of such ferocious negativity. It was centered on the fact that we could never spend what we do not have.

And now, we have surpassed the goals we set for ourselves while setting forth, of being a giant in our niche and a 100-year cultured company within a few years of being. We have surpassed all our dreams, imaginations and lowly muttered intoxications. And of course our fears.

What boosted us that night? It is a force called Faith. Subtle, but powerful. Unrelenting energy came, when we realize it was foolishness to believe more than we know, just like it was unwise to spend more than our pay grade.

We sat to know, and we were the more lighted for it. There is an energy that comes with knowing why we would be all we wanted to be. It gave us a template; it elevated us beyond the immediate. We were playing with the energy of the future we were to be in, not as a charlatan, but because Faith had fully delivered to us, what we were yet to handle.

Inspired By the Lamp

People are always going to be asking things of us, just as it is the norm, at the grand opening of our storied 100-storey building at 10001 New York, just a stone throw from the UN Building Headquarters. One of the questions that will be asked will be what childhood memory shaped who we have grown to be as an Adult. And shockingly, it would be of a dream that never fired.

As a lad, I had the privilege of staying in a boot-like-camp in my College days, in a place that was full of vigor as it was full of color. Where each resident represented a tale of aberration, of ingenuity, of drama both tragic and comical, a place I enjoyed folks at their very best, with their very worst, yet it was a time of adventure in which I was glad I lived. It would be the summer of eternal sunshine of youth, with her shenanigans and anecdote.

Just that I didn’t know it back then, that such days don’t last forever and it was best enjoyed immediately as served. For many long years, I always dreamt of recapturing those days. How it would be to have all the gang back in one place. Of those we didn’t always like, so we can unlike them over again, and maybe understand the Wild ones with the Wisdom garnered by Age.

Of course, unrealistic: same water can’t ever be stepped in twice. I realized, such moment was fleeting at best, and it must have been better colored in the film of my mind than it must have truly been. But all that didn’t matter in my quest for reliving reminiscence in the presence of the present.

A Dreamer may die, but Dreams will always live on, looking for another soul to possess. Though I finally accepted the inevitable, but you see, that failed dream was the birth-room of a cultured 100-year company that we have today. Though I accepted that we will never hold hands together again as pals on Reunion Island, the dream metamorphosed into working and living forever amidst friends, with everyday spent as if we are at court deliberating on matters of global importance.

Who could have guessed, that though those friends were gone, maybe forever, but new friends we’ll make along the way. I work amidst friends, not leading a team of workers but a group of friends. I lived in a city without walls, fenced around by my lifelong friends. I know it would be said, it’s a Utopian dream that can’t be lived.

Yes you might be right, but that is because you didn’t live in the summer of my youth. When life was ours to be bent to the force of our Will, where even Time was at our bidding. Maybe it was not never a dream, maybe it had always been our destiny, waiting to be unlocked, manifesting as a company that is never a 100 years old, having a culture of a centurion Corporate identity, in culture, vision and aspirations.

The realities unreal

Who has believed our report, to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed to.

If the whole world doubts your dream, never waver.

If the whole world mocks you, do not sorrow.

If your friends leave and forsake you, dare not depart from the path you have set your feet.

If all you saw was darkness and hurt, trudge on with the eyes of faith.

If the path suddenly disappears wherein you tread, despair not brother, but be up another way.

If silence was your company, no voice, no companion, listen to the melody of the inner man.

If the whole world doubts and mocked you, cry, I’ll try harder.

If you have failed, then welcome we, you, to the Success Hall of fame.

If all that dogged your step seem to be ills and evil, be sober; be vigilant for a change in wind comes.

You will yet soar. You will yet be.

You might not find contentment nor entertainment if you go another way.

All you will need, is here on this path.

Will you walk for me.

Rather won’t you walk for You.

The Making of the Mocked.

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame

Heard of the man who made it at the fourth attempt, having failed in seasons prior? Heard of the man, who struck gold, having had a pile of rubbles not worth naught? I am sure you have heard of the man, who went and tried again, having fallen and failed afore.

What is the joy of Ole Bull, only chasing after fool’s Gold? There is a reason we kept working the darkness, there was a spirit that just wouldn’t let go. Though we saw the darkness, but it never entered into us. We saw the mockery, but it never got to us. We worked in the murk, trudging on as if on a runway paved with gold. All pure we stood, in the city and the woods.

But there was a joy, which we having gotten from the off, we couldn’t sacrifice for ought. We would pay the ultimate sacrifice, but never the expense of sacrificing the dream of becoming who we have imagined us to be. We didn’t really believe one way or another, rather we lived in the reality of who we were going to be. Day, morning, night, it was all we ever was.

Never separate, never broken, just an extension and an expression of who we are, were and was meant to be, so we never became something we hadn’t always be.

We simply Were, what we were and have always been. Who are you? Today is Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever. Wake, while it is Yet day.

Watchman, what of the Night.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters ~The Book of Genesis.

Can you do your best work in the dark, unseen? Can you perspire, where no inspiration is? Can you build, when all seem to be falling back down?

Will you build your tower again, if it falls seven times? What about 70 times seven?

If you can, rise up and be up and at it. The idea should be lauded, the finesse of the strategy is all fine and glorious, but can you knock on the 101st door, when your confidence had been knocked at the very first door?

We couldn’t do it when we started, we wouldn’t do it back then. But we did, several times over from the day one. It was less a struggle between us and the market forces. The greatest forte we had to overthrow was the throne within. On taking no Offence at rejection, we marshaled all our offensives.

We thought getting out and showing up, entitled us to our place being carved for us amongst the elite.


We thought only wear the suit, and we are set to do the work of the board.

Wrong again!

Maybe the tactics was wrong, or the Business. Sure it must have been the environment we went out in. We had a countless Ors but no ore.

What we discovered, going again, and a countless time after that was the very first answer to the question of how much we wanted to be, what we had set ourselves to become.

We became one to watch, but not without first answering the question, Watchman, what of the Night, will you build when your Earth is without form!

Inspired by The Lamp series #3

A Mister we Knew.

As many were astonished at thee; his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men: ~The Prophet.

But how we studied him.

There is something to be said for Diligence. Wisdom is a lady, Diligence, a brute. Wisdom is suave, dapper, posh, plush in dress. Diligence is a workman, a worker of the sewage, dressed in overalls with a crude tool. Could have been dumb, maybe, but definitely have some light bulbs off up stairs. Wisdom, up and away in the Penthouse suite, Diligence in the hole, unseen, unknown, un-greeted.

Life is not fair to him, no sir, but Diligence didn’t know this. Given the most arduous task with the poorest pay. Stuck in the basement, not only doing a Herculean task, without the energy of Hercules, but a frail figure without the muscle, sure not an Adonis.

The clank of metal upon metal, is the only reminder that he is still there, that the sod hasn’t keeled over and left the building finally. Like glue in the old days in the days of the Head office that existed only in the end, when we had more sheep to count than jobs that counted, Diligence was our inspiration. Knowing he is ever there, logging in hours was what chained us to the work.

Yes maybe the Missus and the hunger that would have been, not that it wasn’t already, but that it would be our perpetual state of being. So we mirrored the work of Diligence, till we saw a tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe hope or just a drop of sweat in our eyes, But we stuck with it, imaginary or not, till we made a reality out of naught.

Oh, how bright, how consummate ‘twas.

And as for Wisdom and Diligence they lived happily ever after, oh you didn’t know they were married? We were ignorant too,a ourselves!

Inspired by The Lamp series #2